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ice maker kits
Ice Maker

Ice Maker Kits

Ice Maker Kits for refrigerators Complete ice maker kit installed inside standard or custom-made refrigerators. The perfect solution for combining design and functionality in spaces …

electric switchboards for refrigeration cover
AccessoriesCentralized Refrigerators

Electric Switchboards for Refrigeration

Standard Electric Switchboards Custom-made Electric Switchboards Standard Electric Switchboards Modelli 1230 – 1231 2 solenoidi 1232 – 1233 3 solenoidi 1234 For the complete management …

compressors cover
Centralized RefrigeratorsCompressors Units


Compressors for marine refrigeration systems

Cold rooms
Centralized RefrigeratorsModular Cold Stores

Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms and walk-in pantries, custom-made to suit all needs.

Air handling units
Air ConditioningCentralized Air

Air Handling Unit

External air pre-treatment systems for providing air to internal on-board areas with insufficient natural ventilation.

Fan Coil Air Conditioning
Air ConditioningCentralized Air


Low energy consumption internal cooling and heating units for centralized air conditioning systems.

replacement parts for ice makers
Ice MakerSpare Parts

Replacement Parts for Ice Makers

Frigomar guarantees the long operating life of its products and ensures that all necessary replacement parts are made available to clients for any maintenance and …

cover ice maker water or air condensed
Ice MakerOptional

Water Condenser Ice Maker

Ice cube makers, water condensed Ice Maker with built-in fresh water cooled unit, connected on-board drinking water system. It makes ice cubes, ice fingers or …

cover ice maker water or air condensed
Ice MakerOptional

Air Condensed Ice Maker

Ice cube makers, air condensed Ice Maker with built-in air-cooled group, connected drinking water system on board. It makes ice cubes, ice fingers or ice …