Wine coolers

Tailor-made wine coolers

Multi-temperature wine coolers made to measure for real wine lovers. Shelves suitable for a variety of bottle types (champagne, Bordeaux…)

Wine cooler glass wood rack
Cantina vini portello aperto

New Touchscreen Thermostat

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Wood or stainless steel racks

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Hidden handle

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Temperature display

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LED lighting

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for all bottle types
everything under control
telescopic runners
wine cooler shelf

The utmost care for your bottles

Each bottle has its own particular needs and to fully enjoy its precious contents it must be kept well and served as if on solid ground.

Frigomar designs and produces wine coolers for boats to meet the specifications and needs of the client.

Dimensions, capacity, positioning and finishing materials all come together to create a wine cooler that perfectly meets the client’s needs.

A wine cooler to admire

The custom-made creation of our wine coolers is a new invention every single time.

An example?

Cooler with visibility on two sides, double inclined shelves, stainless steel finish, LED lighting, hinged doors.

wine cooler with visibility on two sides - door open

Front door

cantina vini a doppia vista - fronte

Rear window

wine cooler with visibility on two sides