Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit

Models Air Flow Rate
753 600 m3/h
755 1500 m3/h

The objective of the external air pre-treatment system (AHU) is to provide variable quantities of air to the internal on-board areas with insufficient natural ventilation, so as to ensure (working in synergy with the extraction system) the air is completely changed the stipulated number of times per hour in line with the technical specification.

Each of Frigomar’s AHUs, regardless of its capacity, is equipped with a highly-effective filtration barrier to trap any solid particles present in the air, a radiating element connected to the centralised air conditioning system via a dedicated line, a variable speed, high head centrifugal fan, a UVC lamp to sterilise the air, and a digital controller to monitor the temperature of the air released into the internal areas.

Custom-made AHUs can be manufactured on request.

Air handling unit
753 755
Width 500 mm 750 mm
Height 425 mm 540 mm
Depth 570 mm 600 mm
Weight 25 kg 54 Kg
Maximum Air Flow 600 m3/h 1500 m3/h
Voltage / phase / frequency 230 V / 1 / 50-60 Hz
UVC Lamp Yes
Hydraulic Connection ¾"