Tipologia: Air Conditioning

Fancoils AH

Advanced Air Handling Unit Models AH1 5,000 BTU/h 1 fan AH3 9,000 BTU/h 1 fan AH5 12.000 BTU/h 1 fan AH7 18.000 BTU/h 2 fans

Air handling units

Air Handling Unit

External air pre-treatment systems for providing air to internal on-board areas with insufficient natural ventilation.

Air extraction unit

Air extraction units to evacuate the interior rooms of the boat and ensure the complete air exchange of the rooms.

Air Conditioning Thermostats


Thermostats needed by the fancoils for their control.

Fan Coil Air Conditioning


Low energy consumption internal cooling and heating units for centralized air conditioning systems.

Chiller Standard

Chiller ON/OFF

Refrigeration unit with on-off technology for centralized air conditioning systems.