Single-phase Chiller Unit-Inverter BLDC

Refrigeration unit with BLDC inverter technology
for centralised air conditioning systems.

Single phase power supply

50.000 BTU/h
70.000 BTU/h

Simple and intuitive touch-screen display.

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Double ventilation fans

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Touch-screen can be positioned in various locations

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Panels with internal thermoacustic insulation

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Inverter BLDC SINGLE-PHASEThree-phase BLDC Inverter

Ideal for Yachts and Megayachts

Thanks to the cooling capacity of up to 70,000 BTU/h the single-phase Chiller units are able to meet the needs of Megayachts over 60 meters.

Our Chillers are modular thus making it simple to install them on board and crew maintenance operations, which is particularly useful when carrying out refits and refurbishments of old plants.

Cu-Ni 70/30

Our CU refrigeration units use a special sea water condenser made of Cu-Ni 70/30, a material that offers excellent anti-erosion and anti-corrosion qualities.

The use of Cu-Ni 70/30 makes our chillers more resistant and durable.

Easy to install

The compact overall dimensions and low weight allow the installation on-board all types of boat.

Chiller Technology

The Chiller system is undoubtedly the preferred choice for on-board air conditioning systems, offering a number of key benefits:

  1. Simple installation
  2. Closed and factory tested Refrigerant Gas system
  3. Reduced quantity of Refrigerant Gas
  4. Ease of Maintenance

Frigomar has invested significant resources in the development and optimization of its exclusive BLDC Inverter technology, and has succeeded in producing units that are more and more efficient and that offer increasingly greater performance: discover all the details of the Chiller system…

// Chiller Technology

Technical Specifications

330 mm
418 mm
477 mm
(+100 mm of connections)
55 Kg
Voltage / phase / frequency
230 V / 1ph / 50-60 Hz
Maximum cooling/heating capacity
50.000 BTU/h – 4 ton
Maximum input power
2,2 kW
Maximum current
10 A
Cooling capacity
ECO mode
18.000 BTU/h
Input power
ECO mode
0,85 kW
Max flow-pressure drop
of sea water
1,8 m3/h – 6,5 m H2O
Min flow-pressure drop
of sea water
1,5 m3/h – 2,8 m H2O
R410A refrigerant gas
0,750 kg