Self Contained Unit – Inverter BLDC

Self Contained Units with BLDC inverter technology for independent air conditioning systems.

BMEEA Product of the Year Award 2019
7.000 BTU/h
10.000 BTU/h
12.000 BTU/h
16.000 BTU/h
FRIGOMAR Self Contained Unit Kit

New Touchscreen Thermostat

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The adjustable air output of 135 ° allows an optimum installation.

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The detachable electric panel can be positioned as needed.

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Handles to handle the unit without damaging the piping

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Fixing hooks to the boat

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Air Duct Adaptor
SCU07-SCU10: Ø 120 mm
SCU12-SCU16: Ø 150 mm

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New Generation BLDC InvertersSmaller, LIGHTER and more powerful

Easy to install

The compact overall dimensions and low weight allow the installation on-board all types of boat.

Moreover, the air outlet is adjustable by 135 ° and the electric panel can be separated from the refrigerant body in order to optimize the mode and installation spaces.

SCU pannello elettrico
SCU termostato touch-screen

New Touchscreen Thermostat

Touch-screen room thermostat to manage the temperature and operation modes: winter/summer, ventilation, night.

Manual/automatic control of the three fan coil speeds. Two temperature sensors. Support for standard Bticino thermostat cover plates.


Our Self Contained units are integrated with various accessories to expand the features and make them as the customer desires.

applicazione smartphone di controllo
// WI-FI module with control APP

* Under development – available soon.

sterilizzatore aria LED UV A/C
// UV A/C LED air sterilizer KIT

Technical Specifications

Larghezza 433 mm
Altezza* 282 mm
Profondità 260 mm
(pannello elettrico incluso)
22 kg
Dimensioni pannello elettrico 232 x 277 x 76 mm
Tensione / fase / frequenza 230 V / 1ph / 50-60 Hz 115 V / 1ph / 50-60 Hz
Massima capacità di Raffrescamento/Riscaladamento 7.000 BTU/h
Potenza massima in ingresso 430 W 470 W
Corrente massima 1,9 A 4.2 A
Capacità di raffrescamento
in modalità ECO**
3.000 BTU/h
Potenza in ingresso
in modalità ECO**
150 W
Perdita di carico massima
dell'acqua di mare***
1,0 m3/h - 2,8 m H2O
Perdita di carico minima
dell'acqua di mare***
0,8 m3/h - 1,8 m H2O
Diametro uscita condotto aria 120 mm
Gas refrigerante R410A 0,350 kg

* Electric panel included

** Minimum fan speed

*** Considering only the seawater condenser

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