Frigomar enriches the family of inverter chiller units, adding to the 42,000 BTU model a unit capable of generating a cooling that reaches 62,000 BTU.

The new chiller has all the characteristics that make the air conditioning unit with Inverter Brushless DC unique in their kind and the first to use this technology in nautical field.

The 62,000 BTU version combines the advantages of the inverter system with the benefits derived from the R410A ecological gas, resulting in an innovative air-conditioning product with excellent performances, which is easy to install and energy-efficient.

The Chiller Inverter Brushless DC of Frigomar installed on board:

  • constantly monitors the speed of the compressor to allow continuous adjustment of temperature, unlike for traditional ON/OFF air-conditioning units working either at full power or completely switched off, resulting in energy expenditure;
  • reduces the sizeof power generators;
  • reduces power consumption by 45% compared to traditional chiller which have to quickly start or stop to adjust the water temperature;
  • eliminates surges at startup (2A of peak against 60-70A of traditional systems even with soft starting);
  • does not interfere with the signals emitted by telecommunications equipment or other equipment because it is perfectly in line with the EC/108/2004 Directive on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • compact and light it can be easily installed in all types of boats.

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