Frigomar, technical partner for the development of electric cars air conditioning.

A European project was launched in 2015, aimed at developing a system allowing to air condition electric car using less energy.

The Xeric project, financed within the H2020 programme, was created to combine the expertise of the scientific community with the one of some manufacturing companies, in order to favour the development of green vehicles in the near future.

The issue being tackled is actually a simple one: in Summer, air conditioning in electric car uses up 40-60% of the battery capacity, which is already quite limited.

The solution is not equally simple though: an “hybrid” and highly innovative air conditioning system, ensuring on board comfort while reducing consumption by 50%.

Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy are the countries involved in this project, and FRIGOMAR is a technical partner, thanks to the decennial manufacturing of air conditioning systems characterized by reduced consumptions with respect to the traditional ones.

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European Research & Innovation Project

Innovative climate-control system to extend range of electric

vehicles and improve comfort

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